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What can our Delivery Service do for you?

Same Day Delivery Service

Here at Kernow Delivery Service LTD we offer Same Day Delivery. We do this to offer people or businesses who need items delivered ASAP. We do have drivers waiting by the phone just in case there are any major deliveries needed to be carried out, such as; medical equipment, military equipment  and confidential deliveries. Our services are not exclusively reserved for these people, we can cater for all sorts of deliveries. Same Day Delivery is for many different deliveries in and around the UK. Click Same Day Delivery Service For More Information

Next Day Delivery Service

Order that day to receive your order tomorrow. For example; if you order on the Tuesday for next day delivery and it will be with you some time on the Wednesday at an agreed a time. Orders made that need to be delivered ASAP, will be delivered with in 24 -36 hours after order has been placed. Deliveries are made anytime to suit your needs. Click Next Day Delivery Service For More Information


Delivery Service

Do you need a delivery service? If so, we can help. Kernow Delivery Service LTD quotes each delivery individually, this is due to each delivery having a different weight, size and distance.  This is because we tend to charge by the mile. Click Delivery Service For More Information


Light Haulage

Light haulage deliveries can be almost whatever you like from those urgent bulk deliveries such as; military equipment or pallets, light goods such as; Balloons for a charity event or a crate of bananas for another event or just that awkward package you just need to get there soon and safely. Click Light Haulage For More Information


Courier Service

Not sure that a courier service is the right option for you? These are just a few of the reasons that you should try out our services… We can arrange a pick up/drop off point to suit you and or the customer. We charge by the mile so you don’t have to pay for any extras. Also, by using us, you also get less people handling your goods so therefore you would get a lower risk of your goods getting damaged or lost. Click Courier Service For More Information